Female Poker Players

female poker players

The table, pack of cards, mandatory gambling, tricks and multiple rounds with the victory of the lucky and tricky ones – this is precisely the primary idea of poker games. This heavily male-dominated form of gambling started gaining popularity in the 20th century. With time, it has evolved into a public game to an entertaining game of a chosen group of friends or known people. Now, men no longer dominate it.

Enter the Women! Just before the onset of the new millennium, the macho image of poker had come to an end. And now, the fairer sex, the gals, have come up with challenges for the guys and earned their name as poker players. With the rising popularity of online poker games, the women have shown their expertise in the game. They are challenging the men and coming up with name, fame and of course millions of bucks.

  •  Vanessa Selbst (USA)—$11.85 million
  •  Kathy Liebert (USA)—$6.17 million
  •  Annie Duke (USA)—$4.27 million
  • Annette Obrestad (Norway)—$3.93 million
  •  Liv Boeree (UK)—$3.57 million
  •  Vanessa Rousso (USA)—$3.56 million
  •  Joanne Liu (Taiwan)—$3.1 million

She did it first:

Barbara Enright started playing with her brother and gradually made it to the top. Enright, an American was the first female contestant to win the World Series of Poker. She won three WSOP Bracelets. As of 2019, she is the only one who went up to the final round of the $10,000 buy-in main event. The journey began in 1976 when she began playing in the card rooms coupled with jobs of bartender, waitress, and hairstyling.

Hall of Fame

In 2007, Enright received the Poker Hall of Fame. Linda Johnson then won it in 2011 and Jennifer Harman in the 2015. Before that, in 2000 Enright was awarded the All-round Best Player in a Poker Tournament. She is now the Editor of the World Poker Player Magazine and the Ambassador of the Poker League of nations. As a motivational speaker, she has the charisma and personality to influence others.

The First Lady and Charity

Linda Johnson is regarded as the First Lady of Poker because of her long association with this game. She began playing Poker in 1974 and won the WSOP Bracelet in 1997. She writes articles on Poker and also founded the Tournament Directors Association, which sets common rules for big tournaments like WPT. In 2009, she actively participated in setting up a nonprofit organisation PokerGives.org, so that Poker players can dish out some of their profits for charity.

Jennifer Harman

A third receiver of the Poker Hall of Fame, Jennifer Harman has also notable contributions to charity. After her second kidney transplant in 2004, she founded the Creating Organ Donation Awareness or CODA, a charitable organisation to raise funds. She is also an active participant in various charity Poker games as a host. Not only that, she raises funds for the Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA).

It is Ruling the Globe

The woman Poker Players are increasing in number throughout the world. Women have already made it big and there’s no stopping them. Sometimes fraud game rooms exploit them, but that is not enough to dampen their spirits. They are here to dominate and help others. There’s no hush plush or concealing, they earn in millions and publicly discuss their love and fascination for the game.