How have fruit-based slots lasted so long?


Whether you’re looking at land-based casinos or the more popular online variety, there is one type of game that you are sure to find: fruit-based slots. With classic symbols such as grapes, lemons, and plums, these fruity slots are the staple of any great online casino. Over recent years, online slots have become a more complex affair, with developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming providing online slots that have movie-based themes or those based on magical and mystical worlds. Despite these newer online slots, with a variety of intriguing symbols, nothing has diminished the popularity of fruity slots.

With so many variants of online slots, players are drawn back to where it all began. So, what is it that makes these fruit-based slots so popular, and what is it that has allowed them to stand the test of time? 

The chime of the Liberty Bell

The grandfather of slots has to be Charles Fey. It was back in the 1880s that he brought to the world what is regarded as the first true slot game. Called Liberty Bell, the slot had 3 reels, just 5 symbols, and only 1 payline. There wasn’t a fruit symbol insight at this point. It was Fey’s later offering in 1907, the Operator Bell, that was the first slot to include the fruit symbols that we now all know and love.

Although fruit slots are a distinct type of slot, it is common in the UK to refer to all slots as fruit machines. This goes to show the popularity of the fruit-based versions and just how loved they are. Fruit slots have come a long way since the Operator Bell, and online casinos are always giving players new and exciting choices.

The bright lights of Neon City

The world of online casinos has made fruit slots more and more accessible to players, wherever they are. As players have shown their devotion to all things fruit-based, game developers, such as Wazdan, have continued to give a modern slant to classic games. 

One example of how fruit slots have developed, and been able to retain their popularity, can be seen by looking at Neon City. The fruit-based slot Neon City gives everything that you’d expect, with the classic fruit symbols spinning before your eyes. What this fruit slot brings compared to the first fruity slots is stunning graphics, free spins, a multiplier bonus, and the chance to win 1250 x your stake. Developments like this are what have kept fruit-based slots so popular.

Variety is the spice of life

It is not just the great Neon City that players have to enjoy. Fruit slots have remained so popular because there are so many different ones to play and enjoy. With every offering comes exciting new themes, along with more chances to win.

The original fruit-based slots gave a player just 1 payline. When you consider that Neo City offers 20, you can see how the development of fruit slots has kept players coming back for more. Newer fruit-based slots retain the simplicity that all players have come to know, but that doesn’t stop them from developing and offering more to players. With free spins, wild scatters, and mega spin bonuses all thrown into the mix, it is easy to see why our love-affair with fruit-based slots, is set to last.