Phil Hellmuth Net worth

Also known as Poker Brat, Phil Hellmuth is an American professional poker enthusiast who was born on 16th July 1994. The refined poker player was born in Madison, Wisconsin. Phil Hellmuth has made several colourful winnings since he started his professional gaming.

He has managed to collect several accolades in his line of career, including being an inductee at the 2007 World Series of Poker. Phil Hellmuth net worth is valued at $20 million.

Phil Hellmuth Net worth

Phil Hellmuth net worth 2016

Phil Hellmuth attended his high school education at Madison West High School. As a result of his quest for knowledge, Phil proceeded to the University of Wisconsin. His passion for poker game led him to make a move where he dropped out of the university to advance his gaming career. Poker Brat has encountered success in his line of career, considering he’s ranked amongst the twelve best poker players by 2016. Phil Hellmuth net worth 2016 was estimated at $20 million.

Phil Hellmuth made his first appearance in the casino gaming industry in 1988. His first scene at the world’s most renowned Series of Poker left him outstanding most of the players, where he ranked 33rd. Phil’s appearance at WSOP left him making $1,500 after showing his undoubted skills in playing the Seven Card Stud Split. One year later (1989), Poker Brat made his comeback where he emerged as the youngest player to outshine champions in the World Series of Poker (Main event).

Poker Brat’s recent career

Today, Phil Hellmuth has managed to set the highest record in the WSOP by holding a collection of 52 in the final tables, and 108 in WSOP cashes. The poker genius had also garnered over $14 million by August 2017. He ranks amongst the five best poker players of all time, such as Jonathan Duhamel, Antonio Esfandiari, and Daniel Colman. Between 1988 and 2015, Phil Hellmuth made eight WSOP –the main event- flows of cash.

  • Phil Hellmuth is the highest record holder in the WSOP main event.
  • Phil Hellmuth has made more than $20 million fistfuls of cash in his entire career

Phil Hellmuth’s journey to success

Poker Brat’s successful tenure in the casino gaming industry, specifically the poker game, has left him winning a total of fourteen bracelets. He has been directly involved in a wide array of casino games such as 2-7 Lowball, Pot Limit, OOO Poker, and the Seven Card Razz. I(n 1993, Phil hit the limelight of his career after garnering three bracelets in a single WSOP event. He also registered other winnings in three consecutive days. His passion for poker is immeasurable.

Brat’s poker tour

brat's poker tourBesides participating in the WSOP poker event, where he emerged victorious in most instances, Phil has also participated in other tournaments across the world. Phil has been making appearances in most of the competitions, where he joins as a player and as a commentator.

For instance, Hellmuth’s presence was felt at the Poker After Dark episode, where his skills as both a player and an exceptional competitor were evident. Hellmuth has made over $1,456,065 in his world tour.

Phil garnered a whopping $120,000 in his first appearance at the Poker After Dark. Two weeks later, he won another $12,000 in the same event. In 2000, Phil’s world tour headed to Austria, where he participated in the 7 Card Stud tournaments. He used his poker expertise and emerged the winner of $106,250 after defeating over 437 professional poker players. In 2005, the player outshined other players such as Antonio Esfandiari to win the National Poker Championship.

The other side of Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth is also involved in other co-curricular activities besides being a professional gamer. Phil is a futurist who works to improve the casino industry. His primary aim is ensuring players enjoy an exceptional experience. Phil was directly involved in the project that led to the development of UltimateBet Software. He has also been producing instructional videos and tutorials to provide an ultimate guide to poker starters. Hellmuth is the mastermind behind Ultimate White and the Poker System tutorials.

The poker genius is also a philanthropist and an author. He has been developing quality content for the Card Player Magazine. Some of the books authored by Hellmuth includes but not limited to Poker Brat, Bad Beats and Lucky Draws. And Play Poker like the Pros. Phil is also a team player considering he worked in close collaboration with Oasys Mobile to develop an application termed as Texas Hold ‘Em. Phil is also a talented poker coach.

Final Thoughts

Phil Hellmuth, alias the Poker Brat, is a skilled professional poker player who has secured his place in the casino industry. Since Phil started his gaming career, Phil has been making grand entries in all the tournaments and episodes he ventures in. Phil has been taking the world of the casino by storm by ensuring his participation yields amazing results. He’s a man of many talents, considering he serves as an emcee or chair of popular charity events.