Watch At the Races

At the Races: Horse racing has long been associated with the civilization of mankind. During the primitive ages, the King or Emperor used to be the jockey and used to ride on it. Eventually, it became a sport wherein trained horses ran on the fields with their respective jockey on them.

There was a competition among the horses with the fastest being the champion and the skill of the jockey was also a key factor. Later, betting was done on the horses and intelligent betting gave huge profits to the gamblers. With the advancement of technology, there is live streaming to watch at the races on TV or online. There is always a TV guide at the races tv guide to let you know the time and other details of racing.

Watch At the Races

Watching the Race: Now it is no longer needed to go to the racing ground to watch or bet on racing. There is live telecast of the racing to enable anyone to watch the races at their own place of convenience.

There are satellite channels to watch at the race free, there are apps and it can be watched online. All these need some amount of charges, either in the form of betting or the channel rents. But racing can also be watched free of cost. Through certain websites, one can watch at the races free. These websites stream almost all the racing tournaments live and they can be watched through a PC, Tab or Smartphone. Also, through a Virtual Private Network (VPN), any country’s racing can be watched for free.

  • Kentucky Derby held at Kentucky in the USA
  • Dubai World Cup held in Dubai, UAE

The Star Performers

At the Races is the leading website of horse racing. It is the digital associate of Sky Sports Racing. It offers a free app also. The third season of At The Races Stable Stars was on 17 November 2017. In the third season, there had been some changes made. First, there were 12 horses in the stable this season, instead of 10. In the second place, there was a greater number of bonus races. Also, the number of elite horses increased. The time to choose substitutes had also been extended. In addition, more changes were incorporated per week. At The Races has now been replaced with Sky Sports Racing, which only covers horse racing. It is available on Channels 415, 535 and 418 on Sky, Virgin, and Virgin Ireland respectively.

Watch it Live

At The Races now offers an app where you can watch at the races live, where after sign up one can view the UK and Irish horse races streaming live. Plus, they will also provide daily morning updates. At the Races live can be watched on a computer throughout Ireland and the UK. They also offer an informative and exhaustive collection of famous races from the past, since 2004. Their package price is only 9.99 Pounds per month. However, it has the geographical limitation of Ireland and the UK. They cannot telecast some racing events of other countries due to a limitation regarding the contracts. In spite of the limitations, it is quite informative and the blog provides a good platform for the exchange of opinions of people who are passionate about horse racing.

The Presenters

the presentersThe presenters have a key role to play in the live streaming of horse racing. They give the commentaries of the races but also the necessary tips, describe the atmosphere of the ground and make the spectators feel the pulse and excitement of the racing.

They feel as if not virtually, they are present in the field really. They also keep the spectators updated on the dealings at the track. The presenters of At The Races have been quite famous over the years and became very close to racing enthusiasts. Some of them are very involved and passionate about horse racing and their emotions are well expressed in their presentations. However, some of them are quite opinionated also, which is sometimes disturbing for At The Races presenters.

  • Get to know some of the famous presenters of At the Races
  • Sean Boyce
  • Luke Harvey
  • David Duggan

The Steamers

If you’re wondering what the “steamers” are, they are the horses, which have a greater probability of victory. Sometimes they are high in prices, and gamblers bet on them expecting high gains. Sometimes there are a number of baits on a particular horse, which makes their price high and makes them the steamers. Each site or channel has its own set of steamers, which they promote. The drifters are opposite to the steamers.

Their chances of winning are very low. Now, let’s take a look at the top ten At the Races Steamers. They are, Way Out West, Nullifier, In From the Cold, Binary Code, Tide of Time, Evening Spirit, Linus Larrabee, Diva Spirit, Evening Sun, Fortunate George. Well, best of luck, may the best win.

Free Stream

At the races free stream, the free stream is not available through regular channels. One has to be a member by payment to watch the live streaming. However, as said earlier, it can be watched through some other websites or a VPN. There are certain sites that provide free streaming of horse racing throughout the world, but mostly for the people of some selected countries or regions.

There are some apps that offer free live streaming of horse racing in Android or IOS. These apps cover most of the sports channels and other sports apps so the viewers can take advantage of free live streaming. These apps do not require any betting. So, one can enjoy horse racing without even betting. Just like watching a cricket match or a soap opera.


Wiziwig was a famous website that used to show live streaming of different sports events throughout the world where you could watch at the races online free wiziwig. But it came to an end after a controversy related to English Premier League.

Before it closed on 1 January 2015, sports lovers could watch almost all sports including At the Races free on wiziwig. So they were deprived. After the initial shock, there were efforts to rebuild the site and, as a result, Streamhub was formed. Not only Streamhub, but many other sites were formed claiming to be an alternative to Wiziwig. But none of them are as popular as Wiziwig. The fans of Wiziwig still miss the site and don’t get the satisfaction of the perfect performance and quality live streaming of Wiziwig.