What Casino Games Do Women Really Like to Play?

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Casinos are a hotbed of activity for players. Card games, table games, slot games, live games, and game shows are readily available to fans. But what games do the ladies like to play? Luckily, we’ve put together a compendium of games enjoyed by the women. You might be surprised to learn that the ladies enjoy their share of action-packed adventure games too. Let’s get to it!

Classic Blackjack

Ladies with a penchant for numbers love to dabble in games of blackjack. Considered by many to be the ultimate game of skill in a casino, blackjack favors the card counter in us. There are many variants of blackjack to play, noteworthy among them Classic Blackjack. This traditional game is played with a single deck of cards.

The dealer draws to 16 and stands on all 17s. Blackjack pays 3:2, making this the perfect game for savvy ladies. Unbeknownst to many, the goal of this game is about forming a 21-value hand. It’s about beating the dealer’s hand total without busting. For the card counters out there, nothing comes close to Classic Blackjack.

Sic Bo Deluxe Live

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If you’re a guy and you haven’t heard of Sic Bo Deluxe Live, you’re not alone. This Asian dice game is hugely popular around the world, even though it flies under the radar. There are 3 dice placed inside a globe. The dice are automatically shaken, and players are tasked with betting what numbers will appear on the dice. It’s a pure guessing game. To ramp up the excitement in this game, random multipliers are assigned specific numbers.

The payouts on Sic Bo Deluxe are certainly impressive. Depending on the specific type of bet you place, your payouts can be substantial, including Triple Specific Bets at 150:1, total number 4 or 17 Bets at 50:1, Triple Bets at 30:1, or Total Number 5 or 16 Bets at 20:1. What makes this game particularly exciting is that it is available in a live dealer format. That means a fully licensed dealer hosts Sic Bo Deluxe Live in real-time via streaming cam. The dealer chats to players. The dealer places bets. The dealer pays winnings. What a way to play!

Jackpot Slots 

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Jackpot slots differ from traditional slots because they have huge payouts. A jackpot is a ‘chunk of change’ when you land the right combination of symbols on the reels. Ladies love jackpot slots because there’s so much retail therapy you can do with a jackpot. Jokes aside, these easy-to-play online casino games are filled with winning potential. All it takes is a little Lady Luck on your side to hit it big. Jackpot slots games have lower RTPs than traditional slots, but the winning amount can be substantial.

There are different types of jackpot slots games available to players, including stand-alone jackpots on single machines, and progressive jackpots across an entire network of linked slot machine games. The wider the network the bigger the jackpots, but there’s a lot more competition to win a prize. The premier software providers routinely feature mega-money progressive jackpot slots games. These include Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Quickspin, Pragmatic Play, and others.

Generally, games like craps, roulette, baccarat, and poker are preferred by men. While women generally prefer casual games or social games, there is an increasing tendency towards lottery-style games like keno, bingo, scratch cards, and slot machine games. While men tend to jump between games, women are happy to settle on a specific game or category of games and play to the max. While women spend a long time playing casino games, they bet less for each betting cycle than men. Women have no problem playing casino games for fun, but a good number of women play to win. If the gender lines seem blurred they probably are…